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Emily Fryer creates retrofuturistic multimedia installations using found and discarded objects and materials with a focus on gender difference through her creation of sci-fi kitchenalia.

Projection mapping these installations adds another layer or dimension to her examination of how hand made objects survive in the age of the digital.

Through the media of sci-fi, colour, lights and assemblage, her work questions ideas of modernity, and asks how the imagined technological future sits juxtaposed with our current nostalgia obsessed view of the past, and what the future looks like now.

Fryer's large scale interactive installations are particularly suited to the festival environment, where her pieces become large toys where the incongruous reworking of nostalgic objects creates both a spectacle and a koan in the mind of the viewer/participant.

Emily Fryer graduated from Central St Martins in 2009, and lives and works between London, Wales and Goa.

For enquiries on commissions, collaborations, or bringing Emily's work to your festival, contact:


Phone  +44(0)7483850731


Emily and the Rocket

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